The Barn at Serra Valley Farm | Jessica + Cody’s Real Frederick Wedding

Jessica and Cody fell in love way back in high school. And it’s easy to see why–they round each other out perfectly. He is adventurous, caring, and handsome. She is funny, easy going, and the life of the party…and judging from the events that transpired during the wedding day…their life together will surely echo these qualities.


Photographer: Tiltawhirl Imagery

Venue: The Barn at Serra Valley Farm

Caterer: Convenience Catering

Bakery: Kupcakes & Co.

Floral Designer: Rippel’s Florist

Makeup: Gypsy Sol

Classic Daiquiri | Monthly Mixology ~ Behind the Bar @ VOLT


Hey hey – we’d like to introduce you to our new monthly column! We’re really excited to share this with you.

We’ve teamed up with the cocktail masterminds behind the bar at VOLT here in Frederick, MD to bring you a simply delicious cocktail each month. Using simple and easy-to-find ingredients, each cocktail will be a piece of cake to make at home (trust us, we test each one!).

When Zach, lead bartender at  VOLT, first told us he wanted to make a classic daiquiri for the month of July, we admit….our first thought was of the frozen, sugary drinks you get at your favorite beach establishment. We were pleasantly surprised to find out what Zach had in store for us this month. Turns out a classic daiquiri has nothing to do with frozen fruit concentrate or high fructose corn syrup (phew) – Zach informed us many people are flat out making daiquiris wrong these days.

Originating in Cuba, many people have claimed credit for the creation of the daiquiri (let’s be honest, rum and lime have been going together nicely longer than PB&J). What is more interesting than who created it is who its biggest fan was – author Earnest Hemingway. This man is legendary for his appreciation of a good drink (or any drink, for that matter); see his famous quote: “I drink to make other people more interesting.” History has it that Hemingway’s daiquiri, also known as El Papa Doble, was concocted during the 30s and 40s while he was on hiatus from writing in Cuba by a bartender who manned his favorite watering hole, La Florida. El Papa Doble contained grapefruit juice, maraschino cherry, and no sugar (what a badass), but most people enjoy a little sweetness with this strong cocktail.

Without further adieu…onto the recipe!



(Zach recommends the tools from Cocktail Kingdom. Oooo….shiny!)

Pint glass


Cocktail shaker

Mesh strainer

Cocktail strainer


Cocktail glass



1 whole lime

Simple syrup (pre-make make using equal parts water and white sugar – boil on the stove or in the microwave)

White rum (Zach prefers white rum for a more refreshing drink – try El Dorado – but any rum you enjoy can be used. Dark rum provides a bold, caramel flavor.)



Juice 1 whole lime into a pint glass, straining through a mesh strainer to filter out pulp. When using a juicer (pictured below), cut the lime in half and then make two slits into the sides as shown – this helps get the juice out from every nook and cranny.



Using a jigger to measure, add the following into a cocktail shaker:

¾ oz of lime juice

½ oz of simple syrup

2 oz of white rum




Fill cocktail shaker to the top with ice and shake hard for 12 seconds (yes, exactly 12 seconds). Says Zach, “you can only under-shake this drink, never over-shake it.” (File this under “random bar trivia.”)



Strain into a chilled glass and garnish with a lime wheel. Enjoy! (Responsibly, of course.)



Keep an eye out for next months cocktail – it’s going to be a great one!



Zach Luther is lead bartender at VOLT in Frederick, Maryland. He considers himself a purist when it comes to cocktails, leaning towards classic drinks with simple ingredients. He has been interested in making drinks for as long as he can remember – at 14, as a busboy at a local Frederick establishment, he found himself always asking questions of the bartender, curious about how to make each drink. His passion for specialty spirits was strengthened when he went to Belgium to learn more about different styles and types of beers. You can find Zach behind the bar at VOLT crafting specialty cocktails almost any day of the week.

A JMU-Themed DIY Wedding | Christina + Matt’s Real Frederick Wedding

The day of Matt and Christina’s wedding at Walker’s Overlook the skies threatened rain, which would have ruined the outdoor ceremony they’d dreamed of for their JMU themed wedding (they met there!). These two scientists stayed cool, calm, and collected though and decided to go ahead with the outdoor ceremony they’d envisioned. The rain ended up holding off until the end of the night and the day went off without a hitch! We loved all of the thought and care these two put into their wedding day…from their handmade invitations, to all of the signage they made together, to the pies that Matt made to serve their guests for dessert! Another favorite thing of ours was Christina’s AMAZING bouquet! It had artichokes and peppers in it! Thank you to Katie Nesbitt Photography for sharing this beautiful day.

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Photographer: Katie Nesbitt Photography

Venue: Walker’s Overlook

Cake: A Dessert for Me

Flowers: Candlelight Floral Designs

Caterer: Cinful Cuisine

Hair: Rosebrook Studio